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Life Style Change with David and Gloria Hitchings in Fort Myers, Florida

      Fifteen years ago, we left very successful careers in the Hotel Industry and Education Administration. During that time period we became very concerned about our employee’s health and well-being as we observed the epidemic of poor nourishment and eating habits. The individuals affected by this weight gain became more-sickly and less productive.

    After our corporate careers we set out on a journey of study in the areas of Nutrition and Healthy Homeopathic weight loss, which would include a maintenance phase to reduce the possibility of weight regain.  We realize that 80 % of people that go on a diet and lose weight eventually over time will regain the weight and possibly even more than they lost. Therefore, a lifestyle change is needed to lose the weight and keep it off. Our expertise is to work closely with you over a period of time to get you on track and help you get healthy and change your life forever.

    Our expertise in education and training helped us transform our personal learning experiences into fitness and health coaches. This training allowed us to be able to help others eat correctly and lose the weight they desire. Let us become your personal weight coaches. We use clinically proven homeopathic Slenderiiz programs to coach you to your desired weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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